Jewelry on the Square

Beauty in the Southwest can be seen from many angles. We love our beautiful people, their beautiful traditions and manners, the times that are shared during the year, and what we create using our own gifted talents. Jewelry in this part of the country has a unique vibe that comes from the thoughts put into each piece as it is being crafted.  They tell us that from the molten earth we have been given beauty to be shared.

You might see similar jewelry around the country, and the world, but Southwestern style attracts many admirers who are inspired to create similar pieces. We are grateful and humbled, but continue to craft, weave, and mold art that combines tradition with the patterns of the 21st century.

I hope you will return from time to time to see if we are moving forward and if we have anything that speaks to you, or for you.

Carino Mio

Carino Mio

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