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Home has been the Pueblo of Laguna since the 1880’s. It has been even longer if you count family and village years. However you wish to count the time, we are still here.  The gene for blue eyes entered the family when a Laguna woman married a man from Ohio who had settled here. Their grandson inherited the gene for blue eyes. He is an artist, a photographer, and worked all his life with tribes across the country, except for his years in California photographing celebrities and dignitaries at the Bob Hope Desert Classic and Ball. But he is not especially known for his work with celebrities. His native portraits have taken him around the globe, exhibiting in galleries, embassies, and making friends.

The name the Blue-Eyed Indian was first used at his bookstore in Laguna. After nine years, when he decided to close the store, the name stuck and has been used for other projects, but it will always be associated with that photographer, the Laguna man with blue eyes.